"Our children started childcare at the YMCA in preschool. We loved that they were able to walk or be bused from school and there was always a friendly YMCA staff member ready to greet them. It didn't take long for our children to become involved in programs such as dance, gymnastics, swim lessons, and flag football. I have also enjoyed the adult classes available. We appreciate all the YMCA has to offer and all of their staff. Our family looks forward to many more years of membership."
Chelsea & Jordan Reed
"Change does the body good! Or at least it has for us! We were members of the Y for years when out boys were younger. After several years of working out on our own and at another gym, we are back at the Y. We didn't even know at the time how much we needed a change! We've especially enjoyed the Y-Fit classes. it gives us the extra push we need and we like that each class is different. The best part...making new friends at the YMCA isn't just for kids! We've met many new amazing friends! We encourage everyone to come check out the YMCA! It's not just for kids! It's for kids at heart too!"
Amy & Todd Maschnio
"I have been a board member for about 1 year. It was an easy choice to join the board and to be able to give back to the Spencer Family YMCA because of everything the Y has provided for our family. Our kids started using the YMCA as infants in the Dvergsten Childcare Center, attended through Preschool and now get to go to Kids Club. They have become confident swimmers by being able to start lessons at an early age and we enjoy taking part in the youth activities and adult fitness classes. Our entire family is encouraged to be healthier because of the YMCA."
Sandra Warren
"We chose the YMCA for our boys because of the opportunities it could provide them. They have been able to learn to swim, garden, play in a bounce house, and develop important social skills. We love hearing about the fun atmosphere and about how they are making memories with their friends and teachers. We are so happy we made this decision 7 years ago."
Stearns Family
"I have been a member at the YMCA for as long as I can remember. I've enjoyed watching the Y adapt and add programs over the years. For a community our size I think we are blessed to have a facility like this. For me right now I've gotten into playing pickleball. We have a great group of players of all ages that are playing with us. And last but not least, the staff at the Y are always friendly and helpful. Stay healthy!"
Randy Swanson
Randy Swanson
"As a family we have utilized the Y for many of their activities over the years. We love everything the Y has to offer. Isabelle especially enjoys taking dance classes at the Y and has done so since she was a little girl. She loves that there are several different choices of dance classes to choose from as well as the opportunity to be involved in YDC which allows her to compete with other dancers across the Midwest as a small group, trio as well as individually. Some days Isabelle spends as much if not more time at the Y for dance than she does at home."
Amanda Young